Ahninniah wants to tell stories through illustration, capture moments and convey emotions. She leaves hints in her work that invites the viewer to speculate on the themes she visualises.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching. During her studies, she became interested in computer graphics and began experimenting with different software and attending online drawing classes. Olga enjoys developing her creative skills, and after working as a game artist for six years, she decided to try her hand at illustration using vector-based drawing applications. She still uses these techniques today as they afforded her the opportunity to create her early work and grow as an artist. However, she often considers experimenting with different tools and techniques.


“I find inspiration in many things I see, such as a combination of colour, a camera angle or the emotional torment of the main character in a film. As for contemporary artists, I follow the activities of avogado6, 9Jedit and Stephan Schmitz.”


She has experience with a variety of commercial projects including graphics for indie games and stocks, art direction for animation projects and book illustration and designs. In addition to her client work, Olga has also taught free classes in vector graphics through her blog and is a three-time speaker at the CG EVENT conference, Moscow. Olga currently resides in her hometown Kazan, Russia. She previously lived in Asia and hopes to return one day (c) Drawn4